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Derk W. Krieger MD PhD

Professor of Neurology

Prof. Dr. D.W. Krieger completed medical school and the neurology residency in Germany 1978-1990. During his career, his research focus has been including neurocritical, acute stroke management and cerebrovascular diseases. His clinical competencies include all fields of neurology, neuroimaging , neurooncology and endovascular procedures.

  • Doctoral thesis 1987 and Habilitation 1992.
  • Fellowship at Tufts University Boston, Massachusetts 1993.
  • Assistant Professor for Neurology, Neurosurgery and Anesthesiology at the University of Texas 1996-1999.
  • Attending neurologist and clinical researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, 2000- 2008.
  • Professor of Neurology and Cerebrovascular Diseases at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009 - 2015
  • Since 2016 Chief of the Neuroscience Center at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai, UAE.

During his career Prof. Krieger trained numerous residents and fellows in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. He has authored more than 150 peer reviewed papers and 2 books. He remains very active in the academic lecture circle. Currently he is also involved in pre-hospital and hospital optimization of stroke emergency care in Dubai as well as the development of telemedicine solutions to access underserved areas, such as in Eastern Europe, Turkey Middle East and Africa. Together with Prof. Dr. Ralf A. Kockro at Hirlanden, Zürich an international referral and patient-care cooperation - focused on complex neurosurgical cases - between the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland has been established.

Prof. Dr. D.W. Krieger
Prof. Dr. D.W. Krieger
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